Tips to improve performance in an old car

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With time, your sparkly new car becomes an old, used car from frequent driving and loading. However, no matter how old your car can get, it can still maintain its performance through meticulous automotive care. If your car has lost its original luster and functionality, all you need to do is rejuvenate its weakened parts and refresh its old feel and look.

Here are some simple and affordable ways that you can make your old car look, feel, and sound new again:

Spring-clean your car

Car Vacuuming

By spring-clean, you must clean everything from the top of the car, inside the car, inside the trunk, in the engine bay, and under the car.

  • Vacuum every corner, every nook, and every surface inside the car.
  • Shampoo the upholstery and the carpet.
  • Clean out all the grime you can find in the engine bay and all the spares and junk in the trunk.
  • Wipe clean and shine all the surfaces.
  • Apply touch-ups on faded paint and repair scratches.

By cleaning your car thoroughly, you’ll rid it of all the dirt and mess that has been accumulated all throughout the years. And when you’re done cleaning, you’ll see just how newer your car can look and smell without needing to replace the seats and cushions with new ones.

Revamp the cockpit

Dashboard Lights

Make your cockpit gleam again by simply adding, changing, and replacing some parts.

  • Give your steering wheel and dashboard a new look by dressing them in a new cover with an attractive design or color.
  • If your dashboard’s illuminators have become dim, replace them with new ones so your speedometer will once again light up like new.
  • Worn knobs, buttons and switches can be easily replaced by trading them at the scrapyard or dealer for newer or recycled parts.
  • Upgrade your head unit by replacing it with a newer one that produces better sound quality.

The cockpit is where you drive and spend most of your time in your car. If you renew its look, you’ll feel like you’re driving in a new car and everything will look and feel brand new.

Obtain additional horsepower

Replacement Air Filter

Your old car can get extra horsepower by improving the quality of your engine’s combustion. You can do this by simply replacing your car’s old air filter and spark plugs. When your car’s air filter is fully used up, all the particulates and toxins that accumulated in it will reduce the amount and quality of air that enters your engine. Also, old spark plugs can become busted and fail to produce enough spark during ignition. Both spark and air are needed for combustion in the engine during ignition. So if you improve and increase the spark and air in your engine, your engine’s horsepower will also improve.

Tighten up your car’s body

Sway Bar Bushing

Over time, the beatings that your car’s points of impact receive will make your car feel loose, squiggly and bumpy during drives. You can tighten up your car’s impactful parts by replacing the old, worn rubber bushings with new poly (polyurethane) bushings and replacing the old worn mounts. The parts you should focus on include:

  • Suspension parts or components
  • Shifter linkage
  • Sway bars
  • Engine mounts
  • Transmission mounts

Replacing the old rubber bushings with poly bushings will make your car’s suspension system and other moving parts work more smoothly and tightly.

Your old car may be well used, but it can still work almost like new with extra care and attention. Improving your old car’s performance doesn’t have to be a full-on car engine and body modification that will cost you plenty; sometimes, you just need to focus on improving the parts that really matter.

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Tips to improve performance in an old car
Tips to improve performance in an old car
Tips to improve performance in an old car
Tips to improve performance in an old car
Tips to improve performance in an old car


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