Car Definitions

What does Screen Mirroring mean?

Technology that allows you to project or mirror content from your smartphone, tablet or other device on to another screen.

What does Panoramic Glass Roof mean?

A type of large or multi-panel glass roof that offers spectacular views outside. In some vehicles this is a fixed glass panel, while in others it can be opened to enjoy the breeze.

What does DVD Player mean?

A feature found is most high-end vehicles that allows occupants to play a DVD and watch it via a central screen or through monitors embedded into the headrests.

What does Hybrid mean?

A vehicle that combines the use of an internal combustion engine and an electric motor. Hybrids are known to be more powerful and more fuel efficient than traditional automobiles.

What does Cruise Control mean?

A device that, when engaged, automatically maintains the speed of a vehicle without the need for the driver to keep their foot on the accelerator pedal.