Car Definitions

What does Front Camera mean?

A camera placed at the front of the vehicle that gives drivers a clear view of objects such as pavements or potholes that they may not be able to judge precisely otherwise.

What does Oversteer mean?

Commonly associated with rear-wheel drive cars, oversteer is a driving characteristic wherein a car turns more sharply than intended, causing the rear to slide out more than the front.

What does Manual Transmission mean?

A type of transmission that requires drivers to use a clutch and shift manually from one gear to the other.

What does Automatic Headlights mean?

A feature that automatically turns on the headlights and taillights when the ambient light dims at sunset or when entering areas such as tunnels and covered parking lots.

What does Push Button Start mean?

Also known as 'keyless ignition', push start is a button that simplifies turning a car on or off using a key fob that is unique to you.