Car Definitions

What does Rear Spoiler mean?

An aerodynamic device attached to a vehicles trunk lid that permits air flow over and under it, reducing lift and increasing stability at high speeds.

What does Collision Detection mean?

A collection of sensors that work together to monitor the distance between the vehicle and the one in front of it. This feature is usually bundled with Automatic Emergency Braking that jams the brakes if the driver does not respond in time to prevent a collision.

What does Breakover Angle mean?

The maximum angle at which a vehicle can climb a sharp ridge without getting caught up between the axles.

What does Seatbelt pretensioner mean?

A mechanism that pulls the seatbelt in when the airbag is deployed, in order to keep the occupant in an upright position and reduce injury.

What does Power Steering mean?

An electric or hydraulic system that multiplies the effort exerted by the driver on the steering wheel for added ease and comfort. Vehicles without power steering require significantly more effort to control and navigate.