Car Definitions

What does Emergency Brake Assist mean?

An electronic system that maximizes brake efficiency during panic stops.

What does Heated/Cooled Seats mean?

Seats that use perforations in the upholstery that release cool air from one or more fans to mitigate the effects of heat from the fabric or leather on the passenger's body.

What does Climate Controlled Seats mean?

A more sophisticated form of air-conditioning, a climate control system allows the temperature of a car's interior to be controlled more accurately. Once the user sets the temperate, the system automatically calculates the amount of cold air introduced into the cabin to maintain the set temperature.

What does Fog Lights mean?

Usually placed below the headlight and pointed downwards, a fog light is an extra light that is designed to shine down, illuminating the road beneath the fog.

What does Differential Lock mean?

A mechanical component that "locks" both wheels on a axle, forcing them to turn in unison, regardless of the traction available at each wheel.