Car Definitions

What does Turbocharger mean?

A form of forced induction wherein a device uses an exhaust-driven turbine to force more air into an engine to generate more power.

What does Off-Road tyres mean?

Tires that are dedicated to driving off-road, be it on terrain such as sand or rocks, are known as off-road tires. They tend to have a deeper tread pattern than standard road tires and are composed of a softer rubber compound.

What does Winch mean?

A mechanical recovery device that is found on some SUVs. It is made up of a rope, cable, or chain and is used mostly for self recovery in tricky off-road situations.

What does Rear Spoiler mean?

An aerodynamic device attached to a vehicles trunk lid that permits air flow over and under it, reducing lift and increasing stability at high speeds.

What does Supercharger mean?

A device that increases the pressure, temperature and density of air supplied to an engine, resulting in greater fuel flow and significantly more power.