Car Definitions

What does Cruise Control mean?

A device that, when engaged, automatically maintains the speed of a vehicle without the need for the driver to keep their foot on the accelerator pedal.

What does Power Seats mean?

Seats that can be adjusted by using a switch or joystick and a set of small electric motors are called power seats.

What does Hill Descent Control mean?

A driver assistance system that maintains a slow, constant speed while descending a hill/ramp without the driver having to control the brake pedal.

What does Cornering assist mean?

A safety system that works as an expansion of the ABS, Cornering Assist distributes brake force independently while cornering.

What does Oversteer mean?

Commonly associated with rear-wheel drive cars, oversteer is a driving characteristic wherein a car turns more sharply than intended, causing the rear to slide out more than the front.