Car Definitions

What does Run Flat Tires mean?

Tires that be can driven on with minimal pressure for a certain number of kilometers. Vehicles fitted with run flat tires allow drivers to safely reach the nearest petrol station without the need for stopping immediately during a flat or puncture.

What does AWD (All Wheel Drive) mean?

A drivetrain that utilizes a front, rear and center differential to provide power to all four wheels of a vehicle.

What does Regenerative Braking mean?

A system employed in hybrid and battery electric vehicles that captures energy created during braking/deceleration and transfers it to the onboard battery. Energy stored in this battery is then used to power the vehicle at slow speeds reducing its reliance on the engine and making it more fuel efficient.

What does ESC (Electronic Stability Control) mean?

A safety feature that improves the handling of a vehicle by detecting skids and compensating by adjusting braking pressure. This in turn helps maintain the intended direction of the vehicle.

What does Instrument Cluster mean?

A set of digital/analogue gauges behind the steering wheel, often featuring a tachometer and speedometer.