Desert Driving Safety Tips

The desert is both a beautiful and potentially dangerous place to drive, and with numerous families heading out into the great outdoors this winter, here are a few tips and guidelines to ensure you have a safe, trouble-free, and enjoyable time out.

Following the first video released by Ford Middle East, which highlighted the importance of understanding your car and its strengths and weaknesses (watch here), the second video looks at the necessary equipment needed and the benefits of going out as a group.

Christoph Baur, Ford MEA Powertrain Engineering Supervisor and series co-host, said: “Before you go, you really need to make sure your car is ready for your trip: Always start with a full tank of fuel, and make sure that it has had a recent service and that the oil level and coolant levels are topped up.”

In terms of equipment, you’ll require tools to deflate your tires, a pressure gauge, a compressor to re-inflate your tires after you’re done, a shovel, a clearly visible off-road flag, a recovery rope, and shackles. The most important thing is that you store your equipment safely and that you also pack plenty of food and water for yourself and your passengers.

Driving in a group greatly minimizes the risk of getting stranded in the desert, so it’s advisable to buddy up at least one other car, and preferably two or three others. Newer drivers should follow more experienced drivers because they will know how to pick a path through the desert that will help less experienced drivers gain confidence.

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Desert Driving Safety Tips
Desert Driving Safety Tips
Desert Driving Safety Tips


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