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Toyota Land Cruiser

There are so many automakers that are at the top of their game, belting out some of the most successful cars in the world. Some of these companies might have been around for barely a few years, whilst others have existed since the beginning of time. One of the most historic and gleaming beacons in the world of automobiles is none other than Toyota Motor Corporation, simply known as Toyota. Founded by Kiichiro Toyoda way back in 1937, Toyota is currently one of the leading companies - not just in the automotive landscape but also overall. As recent as 2017, the Japanese auto giant churned out well over 10 million cars, with annual revenue in excess of USD 200 billion. Obviously, it isn’t a surprise that for an automaker, success and fortune like this emanates from the sales of their cars - though which Toyota automobile is the best?

Toyota Corolla

To begin answering this (apparently) simple question, one must look at it objectively, which, as you can imagine, is easier said than done. Toyota produces a lot of cars and there are many different models to choose from, too. If you were to look at their present line-up in the United Arab Emirates, for example, you can find nearly 20 models (including hatchbacks, sedans, coupes, SUVs, minivans etc.), which are clearly intended for different types of buyers. So in order to pick one particular model out of these as a clear-cut winner for the “Best Toyota” award is nigh-on impossible. However, what we can figure out and try to answer is the best Toyota based on the segment that it serves in. For example, the Toyota Yaris hatchback starts from just under AED 59,000 in the UAE, and is not only the most affordable model in the brand’s vast line-up, but it’s also one of their top performers (as far as sales are concerned).

Toyota Camry

On the other hand, Toyota’s most expensive offering in the country is the legendary Land Cruiser. Being the marque’s flagship offering, the Land Cruiser combines a lot of qualities that are synonymous with Toyota and something that could well make it the best Toyota -- rich history, utter reliability, almost God-like popularity, immense capabilities and dependable quality. While the Land Cruiser is undeniably expensive (costing up to AED 329,000), it’s unbelievably among the most popular and best-selling models for Toyota in this region. The Corolla is yet another shining jewel in brand’s illustrious crown (Camry pun intended as the name roughly translates to “crown” in Japanese). The Toyota Corolla is considered one of the most impactful cars, especially when you take into account that over 44 million units of it have been sold since its initial introduction in the late 1960s.

Toyota RAV4

If you have the funds and are fond of big SUVs, the best Toyota will likely be the imposing Land Cruiser. Meanwhile, if you’re in the market for a practical, reliable, spacious and a decently styled C-segment sedan, then the world-famous Corolla would be the best Toyota for you. However, if you prefer something that’s greener towards the environment and are into crossover SUVS, but don’t want to buy a Prius, there’s just the right Toyota for you. With its recent update, the RAV4 gained a new Hybrid variant. While the standard RAV4 continues to sell in big numbers, its hybrid avatar is quickly gaining steam, sales of the new RAV4 Hybrid have already eclipsed those of the Camry and Prius Hybrids, and it won’t be surprising if the same happens in other parts of the world, too. So if your prerequisite for buying a new car involves the vehicle being a crossover SUV, extremely frugal, abundantly practical, reasonably well equipped and comfortable, then the new RAV4 Hybrid might as well be the best Toyota out there.


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