Top Ten Ways to Increase Fuel Economy

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Fuel Gauge

With fuel prices continuing to increase, fuel economy is once again a paramount concern among drivers in the UAE. It is not that difficult to save money on petrol by following routine maintenance and responsible driving habits.

Drive at moderate speeds

The recommended speed to maximize fuel savings is 89kph, which will also ensure that you produce less carbon monoxide. Once you go over 90kph, fuel consumption goes up significantly. You should also avoid accelerating and decelerating frequently since this can cause you to use more fuel. And avoid pushing the accelerator down too much since this also burns fuel.

Check your tire pressure every fortnight

Tire Pressure

You can find the recommended tire pressure on a sticker on the driver’s door. Inflate it to the highest recommended pressure and then check every two weeks. If the pressure has gone down, re-inflate it.       

Avoid abrupt braking

Make sure that you keep a safe distance from the car in front so that you won’t have to step on the brakes. You should also start decelerating when you approach a yellow traffic light so that you can stop smoothly when it turns red rather than having to brake suddenly.

Don’t leave your car idling while you park it outside a shop

Car Idling

This seems to be a bad habit that many UAE drivers have but which not only hurts your fuel efficiency but also poses a health risk to you and the people around the vehicle.

Don’t fill your tank up to the top

A full tank will add around 40kg of weight to your car, which means you will consume more fuel while driving. Fill it up to only half or three-fourths of the way since your car will run more efficiently.

Avoid carrying too much weight around

Car Roof Rack

The heavier your car is, the more fuel you expend. For instance, if you have a roof rack, take it off if you are not using it. Also, remove any heavy items you have in the car. For every 50 kg of weight you can reduce, you can enjoy up to 2% in fuel savings.

Try not to travel during rush hour

Getting caught in traffic will greatly increase your fuel consumption since you will have to constantly have to accelerate and brake your car. Plan your trips as much as possible so that you can avoid using your car during times when traffic is heavy.

Replace your air filter when needed

Air Filter

Changing a dirty filter with a new one can help increase fuel consumption by as much as ten percent.

Close your car windows and sunroof when driving at high speeds

When your car experiences high drag as it is moving along the roads, it greatly increases fuel usage. You can reduce drag by keeping your windows closed.

Avoid short trips

Avoid Short Trips

Making multiple trips can cause you to use more fuel on the average. Plan your trips so that you only must make one instead of two or three. And take a walk instead if you can avoid using your car.

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Top Ten Ways to Increase Fuel Economy
Top Ten Ways to Increase Fuel Economy
Top Ten Ways to Increase Fuel Economy
Top Ten Ways to Increase Fuel Economy
Top Ten Ways to Increase Fuel Economy
Top Ten Ways to Increase Fuel Economy


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