Top 3 Budget Sedans in the UAE

Affordable Sedan UAE

Despite the number of luxury saloons and expensive compact sedans out there on UAE roads, there are still a lot of budget options for those car-searching individuals not wanting to spend a lot for a city car. There are cars in the AED 45,000 neighborhood, which can make monthly installments and down payments bearable for those on a budget. Nevertheless, these budget cars still pack a considerable amount of power. They include the MG 350, Mitsubishi Attrage, and Nissan Sunny.

MG 350

MG350 2018

With its British-style engineering and understated elegance, the MG 350, a 4-door sedan, is a small family car that offers a blend of elegance, beauty, and technology. The MG 350 is also packed with convenient features. Not only are the car’s interiors elegant, the safety features that include dual airbags, brake assist, ABS, and brake assist, offer you and your family a reassuring ride.

Engine: 1.5L / 4-cylinder

Power: 107 HP / 135 NM

Top Speed: 175 Km/h

Price: AED 41,000

Mitsubishi Attrage

Mitsubishi Attrage 2018

The Mitsubishi Attrage is a 4-door subcompact sedan that’s a cut above the cars in its category. Not only does the sedan look sleek, it’s an efficient city car that’s popular because of its low running and initial cost. It’s the perfect car for small families. With its CVT transmission, the Mitsubishi Attrage boasts of an impressive fuel economy. The Mitsubishi brand is also a hallmark for reliability, so it’s pretty hard to pass up this gorgeous subcompact family car.

Engine: 1.2L / 4-cylinder

Power: 76 HP / 100 NM

Top Speed: 170 Km/h

Price: AED 38,900

Nissan Sunny

Nissan Sunny 2018

The pleasantly bulky looks of the Nissan Sunny make the subcompact sedan a popular budget 4-door offering. This Japanese car is perfect for the urban commuter as it’s practical, affordable, and comfortable. The Nissan Sunny’s interior complements the reliable exterior as the former is made of grainy, durable, and hard plastic. Adding aesthetic appeal to the interiors are silver and piano-black trims and door panels with cloth inlays.

Engine: 1.5L / 4-cylinder

Power: 99 HP / 134 NM

Top Speed: 178 Km/h

Price: AED 46,500

Of this bunch, the best of the three is the Nissan Sunny. Don’t be fooled by this car’s looks; it’s affordable. Moreover, this car hosts numerous child-friendly feature, making it one of the best starter cars for families.

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