Summer Vehicle Maintenance Tips That Every Driver Should Know

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The dreaded summer months are notorious for taking their toll on individuals and vehicles alike. With rising mercury levels, drivers are more likely to encounter tire blowouts, drained batteries, leaky radiators, and cracked hoses, all of which can be avoided by following a few nifty tips and tricks shared by Marketing Director at Orange Auto, Hamid Moaref.

Q. Broadly speaking, what areas or parts of a vehicle should an individual check before the summer months arrive?

Car Wash

There are six main areas or procedures that individuals need to follow to ensure their vehicle is ready for the scorching summer months. Starting from the tires up, individuals need to pay careful attention to their vehicle’s batteries, air condition system, and engine fluids, while parking under a shade as far as possible and giving their vehicle a regular wash.

 Q. When checking the condition of their tires, what should people look out for and how often should tires be replaced?

Tire Manufacturing Date

The simplest and most straightforward check that individuals can carry out, is to visually inspect the tread on their tires. If the surface is flat and rather smooth, it is a clear indication that it’s time to swing by a garage or a tire shop and get a new set of hoops installed. If the tread is in good shape, however, study the sidewalls carefully to look for subtle cracks and to find the manufacturing date – denoted in a series of four digits with the latter indicating the year of manufacture.

Q. How does one check if their battery is in good condition or in need of a replacement?

Battery Voltmeter

There are three easy steps that individuals can follow to check if their battery is in good shape. When trying to start their vehicle, they should listen carefully to ensure their vehicle isn’t struggling or taking longer than usual. While driving, they should set their A/C to the maximum setting and keep an eye out for a dimming / flickering instrument panel. Finally, they may use a voltmeter to get an accurate reading and assure their battery voltage is above 12.4v.

Q. How could people increase the life of their battery?

Car Battery Terminals

To prolong battery life, individuals may unplug unnecessary accessories such as subwoofers, amplifiers, and dash cams, as they are known to drastically reduce battery life when the vehicle isn’t turned on. Parking under a shade is also advisable, as excessive heat is known to reduce the lifespan of the battery. Lastly, a quick look under hood is also wise, to make sure the battery terminals are clean and tightly screwed.

Q. What fluids and how should people check for these under the hood?

Engine Oil Level

The two main fluids that people can and should check for under the hood, are their wiper fluid and the condition / level of their engine oil. If a pull of the dipstick reveals a dark hue, then it might be time to get the oil changed, whereas if it’s sludgy, then it’s a clear indication that an essential oil change is way overdue.

Q. Staying cool is important and so how can one check if their A/C is in good condition?

Car A/C vent

In addition to the primal instincts of feeling the temperature and pressure of the A/C system, individuals should pay attention to the smell of their A/C and listen out for any strange sounds. Either of these could point to a potential issue with the cooling system.

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