Rimac Nevera represents Croatia on the World Stage at Expo 2020


Rimac, an electric hypercar brand from Croatia is stirring hubbub everywhere as its Nevera hypercar, which it claims to be the fastest production hypercar ever made does globetrotting. With figures which are surreal to say the least, the Nevera combines elegance with engineering excellence and marvels at the Expo 2020 Dubai. Being the perfect dais to showcase its trickeries to the world, Expo 2020 is the perfect event where visitors would be informed about the specs and idiosyncrasies of this brutal machine followed by test drives for some big pockets, for which this car is destined.


While it’s certainly not meant for the plebeian, the feisty GT will be there for its discerning future owners to inspect at this venue between the 1st October, 2021 and 31st March, 2022. It will be part of the world’s most iconic creations at the event encircling the ambits of Mobility, Sustainability and Opportunity. 

What made Rimac aplomb about shoehorning the car to the event is the legacy such Expos have created. Right from the unveiling of the maiden telephone to the Eiffel tower, Expos have seen it all over the 170-year heritage. These exhibition centres are still regarded the best in the world to take wraps off new technology which will pull a huge crowd. Undoubtedly, it is going to make the Croatian pavilion fill with pride as visitors throng to see perfection.

Mate Rimac, CEO and founder of Rimac Automobili, comments: “It’s our honor to bring the Nevera to Expo 2020 and showcase it in front of a new audience. We feel privileged to be among great company that share our values of continuous innovation, and we’re looking forward to flying the Croatian flag high on the global stage.”


The Nevera might have joined the EV hypercar race but is not just another ludicrously powerful rocketship of sorts. It breaks records and sets new benchmarks in performance, technology and panache. For starters, it churns out 1,914 hp and is lunged forward by 4 electric motors propelling it from nix to 60 mph in just 1.85 seconds and further increases the driver’s pulse rate breaching the 100 mph barrier in just 4.3 seconds. This astounding figure makes it the world’s fastest production car and registers its record of finishing a straight quarter-mile in 8.582 seconds. 

The car was born at Rimac Automobili in Croatia where it was designed and manufactured. Its name corresponds to its homeland and nature. The word Nevera stands for an unpredictable Mediterranean summer tempest off the coast of Croatia. Synonymous with that, the Nevera can morph from a luxurious and comfortable Grand Tourer to a striking and lunatic beast in an instant. 

The expo will be used as a means to leverage its popularity in the Middle East in collaboration with its partner in the UAE, EV Lab. This opportunity will be tapped to disseminate comprehensive details about the car to its potential clients at a private event in its podium whereby aspects such as its everyday usability, specs, charging time required, battery and other laws which might come into play would be radiated upon. 

The Nevera is a sterling example of what science and technology’s medley can contrive into specially when it is backed by the vision of a person who seeks to curate only the very best and exclusive of street and track machines. Get! Set! Rocket!!!

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