Renault hints at building Electric Hot Hatch

Renault Zoe

The future of the famed Renault Clio RS remains in question as buyers across the globe are asking for an Electric Hot Hatch instead. With the benefits of electric mobility becoming common knowledge across a wide segment of buyers, they are keen to swap their Internal Combustion Engine (I.C.E) vehicles for the instant torque EVs have to offer.

Thankfully for French manufacturer Renault, this isn’t an impossible task, after all they already have the electric Zoe hatchback as part of their global line-up and have even teased a performance version called the Zoe e-Sport in the past. With 460 horsepower, four-wheel-drive and the capability to annihilate significantly pricier cars, the Zoe e-Sport has the show and go of a proper hot hatch.

Renault Zoe e-sport

Gilles Normand, Chief of Electric Vehicles at Renault, said: “The Zoe e-Sport was a communication tool that hit its purpose very well. The reaction was very strong. People were telling me ‘we are interested, can you do something like this?’ The reception is extremely positive and some of our competitors have identified some window of business for something like this.”

From what we hear, Renault is already working on the next battery generation, solid-state batteries, to improve performance and durability in electric vehicles while maintaining and affordable price point. Would you consider buying an electric hot hatch over a traditional petrol-powered one? We know we would!

Renault Zoe


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