OMODA C5 Takes Home the Crown for “Best Test-Drive SUV” Title
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OMODA C5 Takes Home the Crown for “Best Test-Drive SUV” Title
By Ahmad Rashad Al Zeer
September 12,2023
3 min read

OMODA C5 Takes Home the Crown for “Best Test-Drive SUV” Title

The GAIKINDO Indonesia International Auto Show 2023 witnessed an accomplishment for OMODA C5, the inaugural model that's been a sensation in Indonesia. It clinched the desired Best Test-Drive SUV award, bestowed by the Indonesian Automotive Industry Association (GAIKINDO).

This tribute draws from a combination of test-drive metrics and media sentiment collected during the Indonesian auto show, underscoring OMODA's prowess in product offerings and forward-thinking technologies.

Before this, OMODA had already raked in a suite of international awards. 2022 saw it bag the Most Technologically Advanced SUV honor from the Qatar Automobile Association. It also notched up top-tier safety ratings in both Euro NCAP and A-NCAP assessments, not to mention the impressive dual triumph at Mexico's Autoshow TV3: Best Midsize Crossover and Car of the Year 2022.

omoda 5

Smart Technology for Future Mobility

In an age driven by intelligent tech, the discerning new generation demands more than mere functionality from their cars; they seek emotionally resonant experiences.

OMODA, deeply attuned to this pattern shift, has invested substantially in smart features, aspiring to transform their vehicles into smart companions for young drivers. The OMODA C5 serves as the ideal example, boasting an advanced driver-assistance system that spans a range of driving scenarios, providing extensive support and safeguarding.

The OMODA C5 is the poster child for this vision. It's got a top-notch driver-assistance system that handles all sorts of driving scenarios like a pro, giving you serious support and safety. And the voice system? It's like talking to a buddy. Plus, the audio and 3D display? It's like being in a sci-fi movie. Indonesian auto experts who took it for a spin were blown away by the tech and the innovation, especially the young drivers.

By the way, the C5 is OMODA's first ride hitting the UAE market, and the excitement doesn't stop there. They're taking things up a notch with the C5 EV, dropping later this year. It's a game-changer in the electric vehicle scene, and it's going to introduce a whole bunch of Emiratis to the world of electric cars. It's all about going green and changing the game in smart mobility. This new offering aims to introduce more Emiratis to the world of electric vehicles, cultivating a low-carbon, eco-conscious lifestyle while championing a new era of green, intelligent mobility.

A Glimpse into the Future of Automotive Brands

Informed by important insights into the surging trends of youthfulness, individualism, and globalization, OMODA is dedicated to captivating pioneering consumers worldwide. The brand is committed to forging a forward-facing identity for a new generation steeped in attitude.

Diving into the lifestyles of today's global youth, OMODA communicates seamlessly with this demographic through its CROSS interdisciplinary approach. By shattering the conventional order of the real world, OMODA offers Generation Z a stylish mode of transportation infused with visionary design and futuristic technology.

The mark "OMODA" encompasses a myriad of meanings. The "O" imparts a sense of surprise and vitality, symbolizing the vital essence of life: Oxygen. "MODA," derived from the term "Modern," evokes notions of fashion and trendiness, encapsulating a new generation's sustainable lifestyle, a fusion of ecological responsibility and avant-garde chic.

Upholding a globally-oriented ethos, OMODA introduces the concept of the O-universe, a distinctive ecosystem that stands as a unique form of interaction between the brand and its consumers. This exclusive social lexicon aims to forge warmer connections with a global user base, embracing an increasingly diverse array of cultures, all while collaboratively crafting a lifestyle that's both aspirational and sublimely cool.


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