Nissan X Trail 2018 Regional Launch

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Are you married? Do you have children? Do you use your car daily? If your answer is an enthusiastic "Yes!" to all those questions, you should most certainly continue reading the following review. 

A few days ago – thanks to Nissan Middle East and Crew –, we traveled to Beirut, Lebanon for the regional launch and first drive of the refreshed and upgraded Nissan X Trail 2018.

Nissan X-Trail 2018 Front

Now, why do you think I've asked those questions? Well, let me tell you that you are part of the target audience for this model since 70% of the Nissan X Trail customers are married, 80% have children, and 91% use their car daily (dropping kids to school, doing groceries, visiting friends, going to the mall and possibly even doing some road trips to Fujairah). 

If you are keen on checking more options, the Nissan X Trail goes against sweet competitors such as the Hyundai Tucson, Toyota RAV-4 and Kia Sportage, which if you ask me, isn’t much of a worry for the X Trail for it looks more robust at first sight. This 2018 model has been upgraded in four main areas: the exterior, the interior, on-board technology, and practicality.

Nissan X Trail 2018 Front - 2

"1st generation was massively produced in 2001 and since then Nissan has sold over 835,000 units across the globe"

With regards to the exterior, the 2018 X Trail looks more aggressive and well built. Major changes include the V Motion Nissan signature grille and new rectangular fog lamps. The Japanese crossover still maintains the muscular side with added chrome and new alloy rims, which depending on the variant you opt for, can range from 17-inch to 19-inch in size. In addition to that, Nissan has introduced an array of new colors to the line-up, these include Solid Red, Dark Brown, Orange, and Gold Beige (a.k.a Yellow). My personal favorite is the orange, probably because it looks vibrant and alive without allowing the first three layers of Middle Eastern dust to be noticed. 

Where the X Trail varies greatly, is in the cabin. The interior of this 2018 model has been upgraded significantly, making it feel more luxurious and more comfortable than its predecessor. Although it differs according to the trim level, interiors can be had with either black or beige cloth seats, or black, beige, or tan leather seats. Park yourself in the driver’s seat and you’ll notice the sporty D-shaped steering wheel and Zero Gravity seats (which is marketing-talk for seats that make you feel more comfortable and less tired at the end of a long trip).

Nissan X Trail 2018 Interior

On the technological and practicality front, the 2018 X Trail is packed with a bunch of interesting features and although I’m not here to write the full spec sheet out, allow me to give you some highlights. There’s Intelligent Cruise Control for those boring trips to Abu Dhabi, meaning the car will speed up or slow down maintaining a preset distance with the car in front of you; an Intelligent Rear-View Mirror that always allows for unhindered rearward visibility, even with a car that’s packed to the brim (see the video below); and a 360-degree camera angle when parking to avoid those pesky scratches and dings in tight shopping mall car parks.

On the practicality side, and this is a good feature especially for the target audience, the X Trail comes with a foot-activated tailgate. Meaning, should you return from doing your groceries with your hands full, you simply kick the “imaginary football” below the bumper and the tailgate will open. If it works, you will surely look like a cool Mom / Dad, and if it doesn't work I'll be there, watching you, and laughing out loud! 

All versions come fitted with a 2.5-liter engine that produces 169 horsepower (sorry for mentioning 188 horsepower in the video but that’s what they told us) and channels it through a CVT transmission that could do with some refinement. Although it isn’t a heavy off-roader, the X Trail does feel a tad underpowered, even within city limits, should you wish to enter a road or overtake a lane-hogger quickly. Thinking about it rationally, however, the droning CVT is irrelevant to the model’s target audience as confirmed by Ismail Sethi, stating that it isn’t something that comes up in the top five customer requirements.

Nissan X Trail 2018 Interior Knob

The new X Trail comes in the following trim levels and for the full specs, pictures, and videos you can check the most accurate and up to date car buyer guide in the region - YallaMotor, of course (ego brush on the side):

2018 Nissan X Trail S Grade:

2WD, 2-Row seats: AED 87,000 | QAR 88,115 | SAR 88,839 | BHD 8,932 | KWD 7,158 | OMR 9,118 | EGP 416,929

Finance in Dubai: AED 1,374 (approximately) for 5 years installment and 20% down payment

2WD, 3-Row seats: AED 88,500 | QAR 87,726 | SAR 90,356 | BHD 9,082 | KWD 7,281 | OMR 9,275 | EGP 424,117

4WD, 2-Row seats: AED 102,00 | QAR 101,108 | SAR 104,139 | BHD 10,468 | KWD 8,392 | OMR 10,690 | EGP 488,813

4WD, 3-Row seats: AED 103,600 | QAR 102,694 | SAR 105,773 | BHD 10,632 | KWD 8,524 | OMR 10,858 | EGP 496,481

Nissan X Trail 2017 Front

2018 Nissan X Trail SV Grade

4WD, 3-Row seats: starting from AED 118,000 up to AED 119,200 | QAR 116,968 to QAR 118,158 | SAR 120,475 to SAR 121,700 | BHD 12,110 to BHD 12,233 | KWD 9,708 to KWD 9,807 | OMR 12,367 to OMR 12,493 | EGP 565,490 to EGP 571,240

Finance in Dubai: AED 1,864 (approximately) for 5 years installment and 20% down payment

Nissan X Trail 2018 Front Bumper

2018 Nissan X Trail SL Grade

4WD, 3-Row seats: AED 127,000 up to AED 129,000 | QAR 125,890 to QAR 127,872 | SAR 129,664 to SAR 131,706 | BHD 13,034 to BHD 13,239 | KWD 10,449 to KWD 10,613 | OMR 13,310 to OMR 13,520 | EGP 608,620 to EGP 618,205

Finance in Dubai: AED 1,956 (approximately) for 5 years installment and 20% down payment

So, what has Nissan Middle East, one of the most important automotive brands in the region, been up to lately? Focusing its attention on the SUV / Crossover segment of the market, its efforts have seen the launch of the new Nissan Patrol V6, Nissan Kicks and Nissan Patrol Super Safari in March, followed by the Nissan Pathfinder in May, and the recently introduced X Trail in October.

Nissan X Trail 2018

For 2018, it’s difficult to anticipate what the brand might be up to, but I can bet you will have news around the Leaf (which we are looking forward to seeing and driving since we didn't get the chance in Japan) and Nissan Intelligent Mobility.

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Nissan X Trail 2018 Regional Launch
Nissan X Trail 2018 Regional Launch
Nissan X Trail 2018 Regional Launch
Nissan X Trail 2018 Regional Launch
Nissan X Trail 2018 Regional Launch
Nissan X Trail 2018 Regional Launch
Nissan X Trail 2018 Regional Launch
Nissan X Trail 2018 Regional Launch
Nissan X Trail 2018 Regional Launch
Nissan X Trail 2018 Regional Launch

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