Morgan reveals Plus Four LM62 to celebrate LeMans glory


 British carmaker Morgan has unveiled the Plus Four LM62 as a nod to its LeMans glory. Celebrating 60 years of Morgan’s LeMans victory back in 1962, the LM62 is based on the standard Plus Four.  Mechanically, the LM62 is identical to the Plus Four which means that it has a BMW-sourced 2.0-liter turbocharged four-cylinder engine good for producing 255 horsepower.


 It’s the design part where Morgan has worked its magic on this limited edition model. For starters, the LM62’s exterior gets a truly British dark green paint (it is also available in Morgan’s “Tertre Rouge” paint) and bespoke LM62 decal pack, which features number 29 roundels, a nod to the Plus Four SuperSports that won the 2.0-litre class.


 Elsewhere you will find an LM62 badge at the rear of the car, a classic LeMans-inspired fuel filler cap and lovely silver wheels.


Step inside and you will find seats with embroidered headrests, premium wooden trim on the dashboard and console and a unique plaque which will feature the model no. of each car. The interior also features satin rubber mats and classy leather door pulls.


As the name of the car subtly suggests, Morgan will only build 62 LM62s. All the 62 models will be available globally in either left-hand or right-hand drive configuration with the choice of an automatic or manual gearbox also available.


Steve Morris, Chairman and CEO of Morgan said: “The 1962 Le Mans class-winning Morgan Plus 4 holds a special place in the hearts of Morgan enthusiasts, employees and owners around the world.”


“With the Morgan Plus Four LM62, we pay homage to this famous vehicle and incredible moment in time, 60 years on. Limited to just 62 individually numbered examples, the bespoke touches and enhanced level of standard specification make these cars an enticing proposition for customers wanting a piece of Morgan history,” he concluded. 




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