Mercedes US sales rise 7% in September

Mercedes-Benz sales rise by 7% in September, to a total of 23.156 thousand cars in the United States surpassing BMW which has a slight increase of 0.6%, and a total of 21.760 thousand cars, primarily because of declining demand for BMW 3-series. However, Toyota Lexus sales rise by 36%, a total of 20.386 thousand cars in the month of September, as reported by Youm7. 

Note that Lexus sales have been affected by the disasters that have occurred in Asia in the past year after being the best brand of luxury cars in the United States for 11 consecutive years. 

Some sources claimed that the increase of Mercedes sales happened as a result of the increased demand in the style of the C Class compact and the GLK to reach total sales 191.618 thousand cars since the beginning of this year, up 13% from last year and the BMW rose sales by 4.9% since the beginning of this year to 186.397 thousand cars.

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