Mercedes Benz SLC300 2017 Review

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Mercedes entered the compact luxury roadster market with the SLK back in 1996 with the first of three generations the R170, followed by the R171 in 2004 and the R172 in 2011. But now its reign is over and it’s time for something new. The all new Mercedes SLC is a brand new car that is meant to take over the throne of the long lasting and market dominating SLK and now we’ve got one for the weekend, so let’s see what all the fuss is about.

Key Features:  
Engine Turbocharged 2.0L Inline 4 Cylinder
Transmission 9-Speed automatic with manual shifting
Power 241hp / 370NM
Top Speed 250km/h
Price AED199,000 Base AED210,000 As tested


The all new Mercedes SLC 300 has changed dramatically on the outside and they're all good changes it seems. The SLC is much softer on the eyes than its predecessor, with smooth lines and non aggressive but pretty curves. The rounded nose and dual element headlights are brand new and fit perfectly, modernizing the SLC and bringing it into the future, where I believe it will sit as a front runner for a while.

Mercedes Benz SLC300 2017 Front

The SLC 300 we drove was top of the line so it came with brand new 18 inch alloys only available if you purchase the AMG kit as well as the AMG bodykit which does add a slight aggressiveness that would, if not for the kit, be completely non existent.


The interior, unfortunately, is very similar to the SLK and lacks much design change. Having said that is it a nice place to be and doesn't feel claustrophobic, which seems to be a trending issue with many modern day 2 seater roadsters. The SLC does however come with a new 7inch instrument screen and a new sporty steering wheel which is a great modern touch that gives the sense you’re not just buying a SLK with a new dress on.

Mercedes SLC300 2017 Interior

The folding hardtop roof is quick, quiet and can be used up to 30km/h, which means no getting caught going topless at the lights. Once you do have the top down you will still have enough room in the boot for a couple of shopping bags as well, which is a great feat Mercedes have managed to achieve. The AMG line comes with red stitching on the seats, centre console and dashboard - a nice sporty touch. Overall even if not much has changed it’s a fantastic looking interior worthy of its price.

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Safety & Tech

The SLC 300 sets a high standard when it comes to safety with a large array of features  including, driver and passenger frontal, side airbags, knee airbags, rollover protection and side beams for protection incase of a side on collision. The SLC also comes with an attention assist system which monitors the drivers inputs and will recommend taking a break if the driver becomes tired.

Mercedes SLC300 2017 Interior - 2

And in case you breakdown the SLC has mbrace telematics that assist in roadside emergencies and remote vehicle access. The driver stability controls include, Anti-lock brakes (ABS), Traction control (TCS), Electronic stability control (ESC), active brake assist in case of a forward collision, blind spot assist, lane keep assist and adaptive cruise control.

Mercedes have managed to pack a hell of alot into the car when it comes to making sure the occupants as are safe as can be which is impressive considering the size of the car.

Mercedes Benz SLC300 2017 Front - 2

The SLC comes with a 7 inch monitor that displays audio, AC, and car settings. From the center console Dynamic Select you decide exactly how you want the car to handle, with suspension, throttle response and exhaust notes all being customizable from the system. The speakers are also really good, able to play a wide range of genres without distortion. A reverse camera pretty much ties it up into a very neat package.

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The new 2.0L four cylinder is a quirky little engine that's good for 241 bhp and 370Nm. It's not going to set any lap records but for a daily driver I can honestly say you really don't need anything more with it still being able to complete 0-100km/h in a brisk 5.8 seconds. The 9 speed gearbox allows the car to always be in a position where acceleration is almost immediate.

Mercedes SLC300 Interior

It’s when the SLC is put in sport mode that it really comes alive with lighting fast gear changes and a lovely and fairly loud exhaust note. You definitely get the sense Mercedes wanted there to be a big difference between the base SLC 200 and the 300. I can only imagine how exciting the SLC 43 AMG is in sport + with the top down. Admittedly you can only use this car's full potential for around 6 months a year in the middle east for fairly obvious reasons.

Mercedes SLC300 2017 Exterior

The AMG line adds sport brakes and lowered suspension. Now even though this is far from a gut wrecking sports car, the lowered suspension option does provide a lot more confidence in the bends from the stock suspension. The reason for this is the chassis is not fantastic and lacks communication. Other than this the Mercedes SLC is a welcomed improvement from the already good SLK. Now I must get on to organising that 43 AMG.



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Mercedes SLC300 Rear


Mercedes have done it again and managed to pull something getting too old to be relevant and turned it into a winner. The SLC is the perfect roadster for the market with a plush, modern interior, a sleek, fresh exterior and that brilliant new engine. This car is destined for great things.


Elegant & comfortable cabin

Fuel efficiency is very good

With the active dampening suspension it's a very comfortable drive



Lack of exhaust noise when in anything other than sport+

Car feels underwhelming when in anything other than sport+

Mercedes SLC300 Rear 2017

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Mercedes Benz SLC300 2017 Review
Mercedes Benz SLC300 2017 Review
Mercedes Benz SLC300 2017 Review
Mercedes Benz SLC300 2017 Review
Mercedes Benz SLC300 2017 Review
Mercedes Benz SLC300 2017 Review
Mercedes Benz SLC300 2017 Review
Mercedes Benz SLC300 2017 Review
Mercedes Benz SLC300 2017 Review
Mercedes Benz SLC300 2017 Review
Mercedes Benz SLC300 2017 Review
Mercedes Benz SLC300 2017 Review
Mercedes Benz SLC300 2017 Review
Mercedes Benz SLC300 2017 Review
Mercedes Benz SLC300 2017 Review
Mercedes Benz SLC300 2017 Review

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