Ken Block drives Ford Mustang Mach E around a racetrack

You’ve probably heard of him and if you haven’t, then it’s never too late to get to know Ken Block and what he’s capable of doing with a vehicle. The face behind the popular Gymkhana series, Ken Block has amassed a sizeable fan following on the internet for drifting cars through the narrowest of gaps on purpose-built tracks around the world.

Known for his wacky and seriously cool creations, Ken Block’s garage is filled with vehicles that are unlike any other out there. From a Ford F-150 built to annihilate any and all off-road courses to a rally focused Fiesta and several 1965 Mustangs, the man has an appetite for building some great vehicles and to capture his attention once more, Ford asked him to drive the all-new, fully electric Mustang Mach-E around a racetrack.

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According to Block and what is seen in the video, this was his first time behind the wheel of an electric vehicle, and he didn’t hesitate to hold back the praise. “I’m impressed”, was quickly followed by him acknowledging how well the vehicle is balanced, the instant torque it offers and how well it braked into the turns.

Judging by the fact that the Mustang Mach-E in the video is covered in a camouflage wrap, it’s safe to assume that this video was shot prior to its global unveiling. Unless of course, the prototype being driven by Ken Block is a more powerful version that we can expect in the future?

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