In talks with Yong Kwon – Chief Product Specialist at Renault | Part 1

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Yong Kwon - Renault Chief Product Specialist

On our recent trip to Paris for the global launch of the Renault Koleos and the Renault Talisman, we caught up with Yong Kwon, Chief Product Specialist, for his insights on the Koleos and all that it had to offer.

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Q. Could you tell us a little about the history of the Renault Koleos?

A. In the GCC Market, the first sale of the Renault Koleos was in the year 2007 – 2008 and it was the first proper SUV to wear the French manufacturer’s insignia. The all-new model, taking full advantage of the Alliance, is well on its way to being the flagship SUV in the brand’s line-up.

Q. What did the previous model teach Renault as a brand?

A. Renault has improved its entire D-segment range, including the Espace and Talisman and in addition to the Koleos. From the previous model, the brand has learnt that off-road capability and design, play a vital role.

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Q. What specific improvements would you like to highlight compared to the previous model?

A. The all-new Renault Koleos is a completely new vehicle with an increased length of 150mm, adding to the roominess of the cabin and the overall stance. The CVT transmission has undergone a significant number of changes, too.

Q. What has the all-new Koleos borrowed from Nissan?

A. Everything that is not visible to the customer, including the platform, transmission, and front and rear axles. However, we did increase the front and rear track to have better design proportions.

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