First Drive: 2015 Ford F-150

Probably the most important model for Ford finally got a whole new makeover for 2015. And, thankfully the changes are not cosmetic. Ford has revamped this iconic and best-selling truck inside and out to offer a fresh new breed of heavy duty towing.  So, it’s obvious that I was excited to test the all-new Ford F-150.


Well, to put it in simple words, the F-150 looks and means business. It’s not a tame city-joy-ride-taking pickup but an all out work horse. It’s big and has more than average ground clearance and you really need to use the side steps to get in and out of this behemoth. Moreover, thanks to those massive side mirrors, this thing is WIDE. If someone can take this truck through the congested parking lots of Abu Dhabi without stopping or scratching then he/she is the best driver of all. Don’t get me wrong, those side mirrors are the most helpful side mirrors I have ever used. I didn’t even need to look over my shoulders for blind spots. I fell in love with those mirrors. I literally could see everything going on around the car.

But the most important aspect of this car is the use of aluminum instead of steel. That resulted in shedding off 300 kg as compared to the previous generation. That’s a huge number considering this is not a sports car. It is meant to lift heavy loads and still retains the performance. Thoroughly impressed!

Overall, I like the looks of the car, the futuristic concept design really suits the character and it doesn’t look ugly at all.


This, by no means, is a shabby old farmer’s truck. It is a modern vehicle with all the features considered necessary by today’s standards. Blind spot monitoring, radar cruise control, electric power steering, overhead cameras, heated and cooled seats; name it, it essentially has everything one individual wants in a car. The only drawback is the Microsoft Sync system. In my opinion, it just doesn’t feel right with this model. 

Coming to the space, well, you can play soccer inside the car. Err, well, not literally, but get the point. It is huge. Moreover, the visibility is great all round so no complaints whatsoever.


Well, I tested the 5.0 liter V8 churning out 385 BHP and 387 lb ft of torque at its disposal. I really wanted to test the 3.5 liter EcoBoost trim because that was just a treat in the Expedition. Oh well, probably next time. Coming to the V8, well, it performed like a V8 should. It had enough grunt to push this monster but the 6 speed gearbox couldn’t manage the performance that well. Ford needs to refine the gearbox – probably join the 8-speed bandwagon like other manufacturers – as this feels outdated. Other than that, the ride felt the same as any other truck – like riding a wave. I couldn’t actually feel the reduction in weight. Like I said, it is not a sports car that you’re going to do high-speed cornering with in the end. So, it drives like a heavy machine and the buyers are expecting that sort of a ride. 


All in all, Ford has done a good job in refreshing the best-selling truck in America. It kept the essence of a truck while making it modern and lighter. Will such factors translate into Ford stealing the GCC market share from the competitors? Only time will tell.


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