Expat driver faces jailtime in the UAE

Sharjah Police

An expat motorist has been arrested by Sharjah Police for committing over 106 traffic violations and racking up over AED 1,138,000 in fines in a single year.  The 31-year old driver was arrested by a police patrol that noticed him picking up passengers illegally – an act that is severely frowned up in the UAE.

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Sharjah Police confirmed that the motorist was arrested on July 24th and upon reviewing his data, the on-duty police officer discovered that the man had committed 106 violations and gathered over a million Dirhams in fines in the process.

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According to Lt. Col. Mohammed Abdulrahman bin Qasmul, Acting Director of Wasit Police Station, the driver committed the violations in a span of one year - the first violation was recorded on August 16, 2018.


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