Control Your Car From Your Watch

Porsche and BMW release apps for the Apple Watch that allow users to control features of their car from their wrist!

Nowadays, there’s an app for pretty much everything – messaging, photos, even apps that help you sleep. Carmakers have started to realise the potential of the digital market and two in particular have developed apps for their range.

Porsche’s system is called Porsche Car Connect and gives the user a variety of useful tools. Can’t remember where you parked? No problem. The Carfinder function will navigate you back to your car and should you still struggle, you can flash the lights or sound the horn remotely as well.

You can also check if you closed the doors/windows and see journey statistics as well as being able to track the vehicle if it has been stolen.

BMW’s system is limited to its ‘i’ range of vehicles (currently i3 & i8) and offers many similar functions to Porsche’s. Displaying battery status, checking vehicle status and other functions relating to the battery, vehicle range etc. are available.

Both companies also offer apps for smartphones that cover a range of useful features. See BMW’s app range and Porsche’s Car Connect.

Though many of the features of these apps will be useless to most people, some, such as the Carfinder and Tracking systems could be revolutionary and are likely to be widely adopted by other manufacturers.

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