BMW M 50 Jahre Edition Introduced To Celebrate 50 Years Of BMW M Division


The Bavarian automaker BMW is one of the most celebrated and revered brands in the world. On top of that, the magnificent M sub-brand of BMW has been famous for delivering some of the best performance cars on the planet. In fact, May 24th marked 50 years of the BMW M division, ushering a really significant milestone for the beloved German carmaker. This is because, back in 24th May 1972, a to-be healthy partnership was signed with the BMW Motorsport division. To celebrate the occasion, BMW has now introduced their relatively-rare Jahre editions of the new BMW M3 and M4 Coupes in 2022.

With the Middle East being one of the biggest markets for BMW’s M division, the new M 50 Jahre Editions should really make their mark here, no problem. And, as it has been with the brand’s previous Jahre cars, the new M 50 Jahre Editions will be limited in their production numbers to keep them exclusive. Overall, 500 units of these cars are to be rolled out for the whole world – making them quite exclusive, indeed. So, what makes these special editions so special when compared to their regular M3 and M4 brethren?

Racier and more enticing than the ‘run-of-the-mill’ M cars

All M cars are undoubtedly exciting to look at – they definitely possess an x-factor. However, when it comes to the rarer Jahre editions, that x-factor goes up by several folds. Not only do the M50 Jahre Editions get market-specific and unique design details, there also will be far fewer of them on the roads. BMW has gone to the extent of bringing back some of its historically-important and special colors for the exterior paintwork, while the M forged alloy wheels used on the 50 Jahre models are exclusive to them and no other cars from the brand’s lineup.


Speaking of which, customers will get to choose from colors such as Carbon Black, Macao Blue, Brands Hatch Grey, Imola Red and San Marino Blue. Meanwhile, the unique double-spoke design of the alloy wheels (19 inches up front and 20s at the back) of the Jahre Editions heighten the sense of sportiness and speed associated with the nameplate. Furthermore, buyers can pick from wheel colors like Orbit Grey Matt and Gold Bronze Matt – both from BMW M division’s sacred collection. Aside from these design changes, the M 50 Jahre Editions look pretty much like the already souped-up M3 and M4 Coupes they’re based on.


The interior gets its share of Jahre touches too

On the inside, these two models have been blessed by the Bavarian god of style and sass known as Jahre. That silly joke aside, the cabin of the M 50 Jahre Edition does look special enough to make you not wonder much about that huge nostril on the front fascia! The unique styling treatment performed on the 50 Jahre M3 Coupe means that you get “M3 Edition 50 Jahre BMW M” inscription on a metal plaque which features prominently on the cupholder cover along the center console, plus the obligatory “1/500” plaque to remind you of the car’s exclusivity, lest you forget.


As for the 50 Jahre M4 Coupe, its door sills are adorned with the “Edition 50 Jahre BMW M” lettering, whilst the metal plaque located on the center console is just like that found in the M3 version. Depending on the buyer, the interior can either be had with the standard M sports seats or the optional M carbon buckets (at the front). The headrests of these seats (front and rear outer-most) also feature the “M4 Edition 50 Jahre BMW M” insignia and M stripes, further driving home the point of these special-edition cars. Finally, what separates the interior of the 50 Jahre Editions from the standard M models come from the unique seam pattern found on its seats – including the M sports seats and the M carbon bucket units.


Enough power to allow for endless burnouts and shredded rear tires

The new M 50 Jahre Editions feature BMW’s brilliant 3.0-liter straight-six engine that pumps out an astonishing 510 horsepower, despite only getting a single turbocharger (of the twin-scroll variety). Buyers will be able to choose between a 6-speed manual and the super-quick 8-speed M Steptronic gearbox – the former is for those who don’t want to ditch the stick, so to speak). While rear-wheel-drive is standard on both the models, you can equip your example with the xDrive all-wheel-drive technology, which has been fine-tuned by experts at the M division.


In conclusion

Apart from the above-mentioned list of exterior and interior design features, each customer will be able to select many other optional extras from the equipment list. The new M 50 Jahre Editions will unequivocally be two of the best performance coupes to come from the house of BMW. As it is, the outgoing generation of the M3 and M4 Coupes are some of the best performance cars in the market, especially within their own segments. With the introduction of the 50 Jahre Editions, well-heeled and enthusiastic buyers in the UAE (among other markets) will finally get to experience an even more sporty and a more exclusive iteration of the M3 and M4 Coupes.


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