Hidden benefits of a Certified Pre Owned vehicle

jaguar F-Type Pre Owned

A certified pre-owned (CPO) vehicle is a great alternative to a new car. While CPOs typically don a higher price tag than used vehicles, they offer a plethora of benefits and offer added peace of mind. In fact, here are just a few reasons why Certified Pre Owned vehicles make such great sense:

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Certified Pre Owned programs that are run by manufacturers follow a stringent process for qualification and simply do not allow any and every vehicle to join. In order to be eligible, a vehicle must have low mileage, be relatively new, and have a clean history report. What this means for a potential CPO buyer, is that they are guaranteed quality and a vehicle that according to the manufacturer, meets set standards and is worthy of reselling.

Certified Pre Owned - Dubai

Detailed Inspection

The exact checklist varies by brand with technicians inspecting anywhere from 100 to 200 individual bits and pieces, but if there’s anything that stays constant, it is the attention to detail. In the case of Jaguar Land Rover in the Middle East, vehicles that qualify for the CPO program undergo a stringent 165 multipoint check. Bodywork, electrical, interior, and mechanical inspections are all carried out, upon which any irregularities are rectified with genuine parts before being displayed for resale.

Certified Pre Owned - Jaguar Land Rover Middle East

Extended Warranty

Several Certified Pre Owned programs extend the basic and powertrain warranty on vehicles as a means to inspire greater confidence in buyers. An added warranty not only translates to less hassle should something go wrong in the long run, but also stands as a testament to the brand’s quality commitment.

Certified Pre Owned - Dubai

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While Certified Pre Owned vehicles are far less in numbers than regular used vehicles on the market, they offer an attractive and viable purchasing option. Eliminating the initial depreciation hit and offering a manufacturer-backed warranty, Certified Pre Owned vehicles are the obvious choice, really. 

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Hidden benefits of a Certified Pre Owned vehicle
Hidden benefits of a Certified Pre Owned vehicle
Hidden benefits of a Certified Pre Owned vehicle
Hidden benefits of a Certified Pre Owned vehicle

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